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2016 : Delta Museum at Athis-Mons


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Musée DeltaAAMD / Photo : Graham Cahill


Photo courtesy of Athis Aviation Delta Museum Association

To find all informations about Delta Museum, click here on official site of the museum (photos, articles, history, opening hours, map, news etc…)


First of all, let’s begin with personal memories, my first tours of this museum were done as Concorde was still flying, and my privileged tours from year 2005, obviously in relationship with my interest for the supersonic subject, but not only.

This Museum located at the south of Orly Airport, at Athis-Mons, has been transformed these last years, as a new tramway line was built across the place, and its total surface has significantly been decreased, aswell as its planes collection.

This tramway line enables a bigger amount of people (potential visitors), to be aware that there was an aeronautical past at Athis-Mons, and that it is going on.

The common thread of this museum is the delta wing, whose legitimate inventor is Mr Nicolas Roland Payen. Payen family is closely linked with the history of this museum, and here again I warmly encourage you to find all the source informations, by browsing the internet site of the museum or better, coming on site directly.


Musée Delta

AAMD / Photo : Louis Poiret


Photo above and under, yes indeed, this is the same Concorde F-WTSA.

This Concorde, a unique one (each and every Concorde has its particularities anyhow), flew around the world and did so many other travels, with two aircraft liveries which could be seen simultaneously: Air France on the left side and British Airways on the right side.

Undoubtedly, this Concorde is THE master piece of the museum, and I can safely say that it has always been.


Musée Delta

AAMD /Photo : Louis Poiret


Let’s take the boarding bridge leading us inside the supersonic
You are a passenger aboard Concorde, and as long as you wish.


Musée Delta

AAMD / Photo : Graham Cahill


F-WTSA, owing to volunteers activities, is being fully restored.

It lights up outside aswell as inside, and his cabin and cockpit return to their original state.

To follow work as it progresses, click here


AAMD / Photo : Louis Poiret   AAMD / Photo : Louis Poiret




AAMD / Photo : Louis Poiret


Once again I thank the Athis Aviation Musée Delta association for their authorization for disclosing informations here.

I also take the opportunity to give my greetings to all the team of volunteers of the museum for their hearty welcome, any time I went there or when I contacted them for my many and various questions.


I shall conclude, precising that this page is only targeting Concorde, subject of my internet site, but that the Delta Museum is much more widely oriented.



Enjoy your visits



Delta Museum, please click here



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